"...I trusted in the Almighty… I knew I could only be killed once,
and I had to die sometime."
-Anne Bailey, 1823

Sunday, March 27


    A Letter!
    "27 March
    Dearest Anne,
    Whilst traveling in the far west I had the fortune to travel a pathway defined by rock cairns. These wonders of western travel are created by travelers stacking rocks one upon another. They are a symbol to guide those who would otherwise not know the way.
    Each magnificent rock cairn is devised by the strength and knowledge of many, the power of one, and a careful balance of similar but differing objects. Traveling unknown paths with the assistance of these stately sisters lends me comfort without distraction, care without smothering and an understanding others have traveled these roads, each leaving their mark. As I travel the paths of my future I seek these simple structures and pause to add my own small stones. Each stone I name, as I place it atop its sisters; Balance, Strength, Unity, Care and Concern. Gently each stone stacks upon another, held in place not only by its own symmetry, but by the oddities of those which have been placed before.
    There are however times when even the gentlest hand placed most lovingly and carefully causes the whole cairn to crumble and the process must begin again. Not by the hand of one, but by many who must assemble a new structure stone by stone each placed in their own time and manner.
    Dear friend, I know it is hard to imagine a land so free of trees that markings are not easily made in our usual manner, but I must tell you of the remarkable beauty such expanses hold. I take great comfort in knowing God fills the spaces we cannot. These small cairns seem to be reminders we are not alone in our travels and there will always be some manner of knowing the right path.
    Be well and safe in your own travels dear one, I know you are off to Pricketts Fort in the next days. Give our best to those who know us.
    Your loving friend,


  1. I wish I had the talent to express myself the way you do. I can feel your words.


  2. Good to hear from you again.
    Nice to look at, but I would not want to live there!

  3. I really enjoy your whole persona, Thank You
    Nathaniel Clarke