"...I trusted in the Almighty… I knew I could only be killed once,
and I had to die sometime."
-Anne Bailey, 1823

Tuesday, September 28


Our thoughts this dark and cool morn lean heavily toward dear friends. The days most recently passed were filled with the warmth and laughter of many friends near and dear; those whom we see oft, and those whom we only cross paths with but few times a year.

Yet, we found it was those friends whom we did not see who were most oft upon our mind. One wonders what makes another man or woman a friend? Is it a similar spirit, common interests, or perhaps that each carries a spark from the same flame? These answers are far beyond this simple woman's understanding, yet surely there is an answer. For there are times when one merely crosses paths with another but briefly and suddenly a new friend for life is made. Yet, with others one sees time and again there is no connection.

Further, there are those who may not know the depth and breadth of feeling they have wrought upon the hearts of others. Travelers of this earth, believing themselves alone, who carry with them the love, concern and prayers of many. Perhaps not knowing, until burdens become too heavy to carry alone, there are those nearby who are ready to take up the load, to lend a hand, to offer comfort, and strength. We can only pray those friends in need know there are many who wish them well.

Monday, September 20

Fort Miamis, Menominee and Kohkohmah

20 Sept.
Dearest Ones,

The time hath nearly flown by since our last letters. The weeks past have been mightily hot and dry, the dust of the trail fills our nose and leaves a bitter taste. Though truth told, the bitterness may better be accounted for by the devastating losses suffered upon the field of battle. Indeed this bitter truth leaves a vile taste which is barely choked down and roils the guts. Aye, a season of death hath descended mercilessly upon us.

An evil adversary and an ever changing band of red and black painted men seemingly chase us day and night from fort to station, settlement to rendezvous and back. Lying in wait behind trees, crawling between rocks and slipping from shadow to sun; dogs they be! Greatly tired we are of their iniquitous ways!

Since last posting letters, our travels have been north to Fort Miamis, further north to rendezvous with the Menominee, south to the Painted Stone Settlement and of most recent time we have returned to our home territory to fight the French and their allies at Kohkohmah.

A brief interlude during the Menominee rendezvous, granted us a small bit of pleasure and time with those loved best of all. Indeed!! those very most beloved; my dearest Katie Rose, Netha, Roundman, Charlie, Reggie (who left us too soon for home upon hearing of the birth of a wee grandson!) The dear Reeves family, the Shinnabargers, Mr. Rogers, the Collins girls, the Spooners and others too numerous to name, made our time pass too quickly.

However, t'is with the very most sincere regret we must report massive losses, with few exceptions. Further, that which troubles us most, are those dear ones lost not in valor to death upon the field, but lost to us by thieves of children and women! I fear most for those poor little ones; snatched, plucked, and yes, taken from mother's stretched hands whilst their beleaguered fathers fight to the last breath!

Most of these dear lost babes are never to be seen again...it tears my very soul to have born witness to such treachery committed by those who are but mere children themselves. Indeed, even the women of these clans take part in the theft of our dear ones. The only consolation in this wickedness is the possibility a few chosen captives will be well treated, though one can hardly imagine!

And lo! those once chosen to act as children, may one day be struck down for the crime of attempting with their last breath to return to those who love them most. Such tyranny!!

But fear not reader, we fought against the evil at every opportunity!

Nay, we did not run from the fight! nor did we behave as ladies once set upon!

But all was lost time and again...

Dearest reader, we wish with all of our hearts for good tidings, we beg for a time of calm and happiness to once more reign. With fervor we recall days gone by when all was sunshine, with no fear in our hearts, the breeze in our hair and lightness in our steps!

Until such time as these savages turn tail, duck and run to the holes from whence they came, we will recall such things with a spark in our hearts that ignites the will in us to continue the fight!

And Lo! there are those like us who have that spark in their heart, the heat in their bellies and the means by which to fight! It is with great pleasure we join company with Captain Wulff's Ranger Company.

Dearest, we leave you with this tiny flame of hope for the future, as we join this company of rangers in the battles along the frontier.

your humble servant

Post Script:
We wish to offer sincere thanks to the DeEsche's, Shanna Hayes, Michael Yarberry, Bill Bower, Matt Wulff, Gloria Dockery and Sandy Fike for the use of their sketchings, previously published within the book of faces. And to our good friends at Pioneer Times, Graphic Enterprises for all that they do to support those of us who wait eagerly each week to see the front page of their "paper." http://www.graphicenterprises.net/index.html

Post Post Script:

Further, we hold a tremendous debt of gratitude to those noble savage adversaries who allow us to speak so hideously of them, kill them and who kill us on a weekly basis. We sincerely value the skill, talent and time spent pursuing the best possible portrayals. We'll not begin to name names herein, as there are too many and too great the likelihood of neglecting even a single one. You, my dear friends of red paint, red coat and blue coat; I honor and respect each of you and your "uncommon genius," to borrow the words of William Henry Harrison's compliment to his great adversary, Tecumseh.