"...I trusted in the Almighty… I knew I could only be killed once,
and I had to die sometime."
-Anne Bailey, 1823

Tuesday, January 25


Snow lies upon frozen ground while dense fog gathers all into its ethereal grasp
and all seems lost within the gloom.

Yet, just beneath the surface, nestled within the fragrant soil, a tiny seed stretches forth,
hair like tendrils grasp and take hold

Above, grey clouds disperse and the suns warming rays burn through the fog and melt the dingy remnants of snow

Cool water seeps and sifts through the soil and drenches the tiny seed in nutrients
the hard outer shell breaks free of the seed and new life springs forth

Wednesday, January 12

Snowflakes and Diamonds

16, January

My Dearest Friends,

There is no doubt the harshness of the winter season has set in with force. A strong constitution is surely required to withstand the onslaught these freezing winds and snow. One can barely recall the heat of summer or the golden days of autumn.

Memories slip through my mind of the past year and many shining times. More so now than ever before, I feel shining times are like snowflakes and diamonds, they melt quickly away and their memories last forever. Och, we are too caught up in the darkness of winter's drear!

We must take heart, for soon we shall travel to Fort deChartes in the company of our dear friend Mistress Storey to join a small gathering of like minded women. No doubt there shall be much laughter, entertainments and food to warm our hearts and fill our bellies! Further, the 29th a grand ball is to be held at the Fraizer along the banks of the Ohio. To this fine festivity Miss Katherine and I shall go, likely staying once more with our friends Mr. Medley and Miss Becky.

A glance toward our planned engagements reveals much to be enjoyed through the coming year. No doubt these cold dreary days of winter will slip by and we shall emerge into the spring fresh and renewed!


22 deChartes Womens Weekend

29 Fraiser Ball


5 Seven Years War Congress & Ball

12 Mad Anne to tell her story at Fort Boonesborough Fireside Chat

19 Conner Long Rifles Indoor Tradeshow


5 Mad Anne to tell her story at the Sons of the American Revolution Ohio Valley Chapter in Evansville

12 Mad Anne to tell her story at Blue Licks's Faces of the Frontier

19 Kalamazoo tradeshow


2 deCharte Spring Gathering

16 NMLRA National Womens Shoot and Rendezvous


7 Lore of the Laughery

14 Raid upon Martins Station

28 Quabash Valley Frontiersman Rendezvous


4 Mad Anne to tell her story at the Highland Games

11 Women on the Frontier or NMLRA Friendship Shoots

18 Mad Anne to tell her story at Fort Harrod


Mad Anne Will be Off the Trail in July


6 Not so Grande Valley Shoot

13 Pirates of Paynetown

20 Battle of Blue Licks and CLA

27 Fort Miamis


3 Menominee Rendezvous or Fair at New Boston

10 Long Run Massacre

17 Koh-Koh-Mah and Foster

24 Siege of Boonesborough


8 Mississinewa 1812

15 Thunder Creek Rendezvous

22 Gathering at 5 Medals

29 Locust Grove


5 Tanners Station, deChartes or Kentucky Woodsmans Weekend

My dearest ones, know you are often in my thoughts, dreams and prayers. Winter well, we shall meet again one day; until then be safe and take care.