"...I trusted in the Almighty… I knew I could only be killed once,
and I had to die sometime."
-Anne Bailey, 1823

Sunday, May 23

Ouabash Valley Frontiersman Spring Rendezvous

Having battled the French and Indians with the Ouabash Valley Frontiersmen we have returned with no more silver, prizes, nor goods than when we left.

My dear Mr. Hodges, Mr. Gholson and I fought well; provisioned the militia with much meat, carried messages and many necessary items, and yet were found wanting.

Lacking the strength to carry all which was needed, we made do with only that which we could easily carry, and for lack strength or foresight were penalized mightily. Further, dampness was our greatest foe; for our inability to strike fire and burn through a simple barrier prevented my men and I from obtaining our greatest desire.

Once more my fine smoothbore Lucky proved herself, yet sadly she and my companions were placed but fourth and garnered no prize.

Nonetheless we have seen dear friends, spent time in the woods and slept beneath the stars, no regrets have we. None, save the loss of our fine water jug, which must surely be replaced soon.

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