"...I trusted in the Almighty… I knew I could only be killed once,
and I had to die sometime."
-Anne Bailey, 1823

Monday, April 19

Westward to Ouabash Valley

April 16. We traveled lightly and quickly to the designated encampment and found ourselves upon high ground, much satisfied to be far from the river and it's quagmire of mud, and amongst good friends, the Ouabash Valley Frontiersman. The gathering herewith was small but much enjoyed; a good natured contest or challenge amongst friends to be held on the marrow.

Mr. Curt Hoagland the fine master of gun making and a musician of some renown played late into the evening setting tunes to the chirps of the night creatures. My dear, dear friend, Mr. Charlie Hodges and I shared camp as is our usual custom, though each within our own confines, we shared fire, stories, and a drop or two. Passed a lovely hour or so with Mr. Travis Wilkins and enjoyed a fine meal in the local ordinary, though sadly Mr. Wilkins was destine to leave us fore the night was o'er.

April 17. Mr. Witte had arranged a fine contest amongst the small gathering and many shots were heard to ring true upon the day, my companions and I at no loss for lead or powder made quite a show of our skills. Though in truth, Messrs Hoagland and Hodges were quite superior in their placement of marks. Mr. W's sweet daughter Miss Katie was a useful girl who entertained herself in the replacement of marks and the occasional taste treat! for but a few shillings the girl even partook of the grand fun and was found to be quite talented as a markswoman!

The day passed swiftly amongst such company as this and a few other good souls and the evening was filled with laughter, the strains of Mr. Hoaglands sweet music and even a greeting or two from a winged bird hooting or rather screeching from the trees. The recent acquisition of a soapstone heated near the fire kept toes from chilling and was even found to be warm to the touch upon the new days dawn, a fine acquisition indeed for a woman alone to keep warm of a cool night!

April 18. another contest and challenge for the gathered participants, a brief nap in the sunshine, and finally an auction were the highlights. The auction resulted in a new snuff box and gambling cards. sadly the day came to a close and all passed into other territories.

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