"...I trusted in the Almighty… I knew I could only be killed once,
and I had to die sometime."
-Anne Bailey, 1823


Mad Anne Speaking for the Indiana Sons of the American Revolution ~ November 2009

Mad with grief following her first husband's death in the Battle of Point Pleasant, Anne became infamous for handling a horse, a hatchet and a long rifle as well as any man on the frontier. Known as 'The White Squaw of the Kanawha Valley' to some, and 'Mad Anne' to others, Suzanne Dennis presents a 45 minute first-person characterization of the true story of 'Mad Anne Bailey; an American heroine'.

** The first person writings herein are of Ms. Dennis' experiences in her portrayal of Mad Anne, not the actual life of Anne Hennis Trotter-Bailey.

Letters to Mad Anne:

"Hey Zan,

Just wanted to say thanks for forting up with us last week. Your persona and your portrayal added so much to our event. I don't know anybody who does what you do quite as well as you do it. (Yer good Sis!) I'll count myself and everyone else here at Fort Harrod lucky if you see fit to throw in with us next year. Your friend," John Curry

"Thank you for taking your day off work to go to our school to help us to understand what the Indians did to the French and English. It was cool. Your knifes were cool too. The furs were soft and cool too. Thank you so much."
Lexi, Grade 4

"Thank you for coming to do the program. I liked the part that you showed us the guns. Where did you get the neet clothesing. I liked the books you read about people captured by Indians"
Harrison, Grade 4

"Thank you for showing us the animal skins, guns, clothing, and other stuff. I hope you are careful on your trips. Thank you so much for teaching us a lot."
Hannah, Grade 4


In her 'real life' Suzanne Larner is the vice president of corporate communication for a real estate company in Indiana. In her spare time she is a storyteller, reenactor and hunter. She began black powder shooting and reenacting 7 years ago. In 2009 she placed 3rd as a novice in the Women's National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association competition. She is a certified NMLRA Range Officer, member of several black powder shooting clubs and the Seven Years War Organization. When she isn't working, shooting or hunting, Suzanne portrays the historical figure 'Anne Bailey'; an American heroine of the Indian Wars.
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